How To Check Electricity Bill Paid or Not by Reference Number

On this page, we have provided useful information for the consumer that How to Check Electricity Bill Paid or Not by Reference Number. The National Electric Power Regulatory Authority is responsible for regulating the electricity supply in Pakistan. NEPRA was founded on 16, December 1997, its headquarter is in Islamabad.

we have provided the basic information for the people of Pakistan that How they can check whether Electricity bills are paid or not by reference no on this page. Electricity consumers from all over Pakistan can check details about Pakistan Electric Power Supply Company PEPCO from this page. we have also provided the details about the mobile banking app and details of how you can check online your electricity bill from the official website by entering 14 digit reference number on this page. So if anyone has any difficulty knowing whether his electricity bill is paid or not may visit this page and check details about How to check Electricity Bill is Paid or not in Pakistan by Reference Number.

How to Check Electricity Bill Paid or Not by Reference Number

WAPDA (Water and Power Development Authority) has recently upgraded its website to ensure the seamless operation of its services for consumers. You can now check the duplicate bills pay them, and verify the status of your WAPDA power bill (paid or not paid) online from your own home. Do you want to know what to do to determine if your electricity bill is paid or not paid in Pakistan? Check out this article to find all the information you need on your bill-paying status online. Continue reading to get the information!

After a long period, WAPDA updates the online system to enable their customers to verify whether the electricity bill was paid or not paid in Pakistan. Today, customers pay the bill while setting the home via various apps. The consumer must select the company that offers electricity to their region. The Distribution Company is a company that is part of the Pakistan Electric Power Company (PEPCO) and is accountable to distribute electricity within the respective areas allocated to them. You can check WAPDA Jobs 2023 on this page.

WAPDA Bill Check Online by Reference Number

If you are a resident of any place in Pakistan Where to check whether your Electricity Payments are Paid or Not in Pakistan you should visit check the official site of the neighborhood company that provides electricity. Select”duplicate bill,” and then. A new box will be displayed on the display. Enter your Account Number or the Consumer Id Number into the box. After clicking to search. Your bill will be displayed at the top of the page.

The due date for the bill is determined by the region of distribution. Each supplier has the date of due for their various regions. There isn’t a specific final date for the month in which you are. For instance, for the Islamabad Electric Supply Company (LTD) in our area, the due date is usually between the 24th and 25th day of the month. Your location could be different, and to verify the amount due amount, you should look up your previous bill. You can check FESCO Jobs 2023 on this page.  Typically, the electricity bill arrives one week prior to the due date or expiry date, therefore, you will have a whole week to make arrangements for the payment and settle your bill.

Electricity Bill Online Check with Reference No

They purchase electric power through Water and Power Development Authority (WAPDA), PEPCO, and various other privately owned Independent Power Producers (IPPs) and then sell the electricity to their local customers in the area. All of them are controlled by the Government of Pakistan except K-Electric which was privatized. Below is the list of the companies operating in Pakistan. How To Check Electricity Bill Paid or Not In Pakistan With Consumer ID Number. You can check details about GEPCO Bill Check Online on this page.

It is vital for every person to know if the electric bill has been received or is not paid in Pakistan to avoid additional charges. If you haven’t paid your electric bill in time you will be charged an additional late fee in addition to the amount on your bill. In some cases, this fee can be extremely high if the bill is large. If you examine your bill, there was a section for the due date on the top of your bill. It is the date that will be the final WAPDA bill, and you have to pay the bill by this date, which is 12:00 o’clock at midnight.

How to Check Electricity Bill Paid or Not by Reference Number

How to check Electricity bill paid or not

Mobile Banking Apps to Pay Electricity Bills

Are you aware of how to determine whether electricity bills have been paid or not paid in Pakistan using a variety of banking apps for mobile phones? Mobile banking apps for online banking are reliable and efficient to verify your electric bill information is accurate as well as your bill payment history is correct. The apps allow customers to check the amount of their bill due date, payment history, as well as new connections in one spot.

To make use of these apps to use these apps, you need an active account with a bank and login information. If you’ve got an account that is set up then follow these steps to complete the bill status check:

Access the mobile banking app online. app with active accounts.

  • Log in using your credentials.
  • Check out the display, then click on the bill or ‘electricity bill’ tab.
  • Select your area-specific electricity-providing company, such as MEPCO
  • Click on the “Add bill Click on the tab ‘Add bill’
  • Give your 14-digit bill ref. #, which is located at the upper right-hand corner of the bill copy.
  • Your status on your bill will be visible on the screen with details of your billing history, which will confirm if your bill was paid or not yet.

How to Check Electricity Bill Paid or Not in Pakistan Via PK Bill Checker App?

PK Bill Checker is an online application that allows you to view Electricity, WASA, Gas WIFI, Gas, and Landline bills at no cost. It will provide the information on your bill, stores the reference number for future use, and then downloads a duplicate in a matter of minutes. Follow the steps below to determine whether your bill for consumer services was paid in full or not:

  • Install the PK Bill Checker App on the Google Play Store for android or IOS
  • Open the app and click on the “Electricity Bill Check” button.
  • Choose the region that is a specific Electricity Distributing Company (MEPCO, LESCO, FESCO, etc)
  • For Example, chose the FESCO website or Click Here.
  • Enter the reference number of your bill.
  • Click on the button ‘View Bill’
  • The details of your bill appear on your mobile screen.
  • It is also possible to download a duplicate bill to keep the record.