Multan Sultan Registration Online 2024 Trials for PSL 9

Multan Sultan Registration Online 2024 Trials for PSL 9 has been started. Open Trials are going to be taken throughout Punjab. The Open Trials will be taken from 24th May to 28th May. The Pakistan Super League (PSL) has become one of the most anticipated cricket tournaments in the world. With its popularity soaring, the franchises are gearing up for the 9th edition in 2024. Among them, Multan Sultans, a team that has earned a considerable fan following, is all set to conduct their registration for the upcoming season. This article dives into the details of the Multan Sultan registration process for PSL 9 and how aspiring cricketers can participate.

Multan Sultan Trials 2024 Online Registration HBL PSL 9

The Lucky Draw and Trials for Multan Sultan 2024 can now be signed up online. You can apply at  You can sign up online from this page. Please remember that this is the only way to join. We’ve given you directions for both local and foreign players to make things easier for you. Keep going back to this website to find out more about the Multan Sultan application form, how to apply online, and when the last day to apply is.

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Multan Sultan Registration Apply Online PSL 2024 For Trials

The players Development Program (PDP) was made so that young people from Pakistan could join and so that kids could have a place to play. Who couldn’t take part in events in the area so they could show what they could do? Give unknown talent a chance to shine, and if it’s good enough, help it grow and show it to the rest of the world. Registration Last Date for Trials 2024

The High-Performance Centre at Multan Sultan is happy to be a place where the next generation of skilled athletes can train in new and interesting ways. After letting kids from all over Punjab sign up and try out, the best and smartest moved on to reach their goals.

Download Multan Sultan Trials 2024 Online Registration Form PDF

At Multan Sultan HPC, players get physical training, learn how to be leaders, and build their confidence so they can deal with problems on and off the stage. The road for our “GREATS OF THE FUTURE,” the Multan Sultan, begins at Multan Sultan HPC. Here is the Multan Sultan entry form for the year 2024.

Download Registration Form

Multan Sultan Registration for Lucky Draw 2024 HBL PSL 9

At the start of the Player Development Program, which had about 2 million kids from all over Pakistan, it was a simple place for us. We’ve grown quickly and never stopped since then. Multan Sultan is proud to have one of the largest and best-equipped High Performance Cricket Centers in Pakistan. It has more than 500,000 users. Who has joined the Multan Sultan PDP in just three years? Multan Sultan HPC gives Pakistan’s 100 million young people and players a chance to fight and show off their skills.

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Check Multan Sultan Trials 2024 Schedule Download PDF

A saint who has a lot of trust is calling out to a Multan Sultan. They’re different from other saints because they care a lot about God’s world. Heroes in Multan Sultan don’t have to live in a certain place or at a certain time.

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