PIA Hajj Flights Schedule 2023 Check Online

From this page, you can check PIA Hajj Flights Schedule 2023. Pakistani Pilgrims can check online from this page. Pakistan International Airline release the Hajj Flights schedule  2023 for the private Hajj scheme package, all details can be checked on this page. PIA has announced various Pakistani Cities Hajj Flights scheduled from Pakistan to Saudi Arabia. If you plan to fly from Pakistan to Saudi Arabia for Hajj this year, here’s the most up-to-date Hajj flight schedule that you need to know about. GACA confirmed. We will make changes to the schedules when they are announced by the authorities.

نیچے دیے گئے لنک پر کلک کر کےعازمینِ حج اپنی پروازوں کا شیڈول معلوم کرنے کیلئے اپنا شناختی کارڈ نمبر یا حج درخواست نمبر درج کریں.

We have provided details about PIA Hajj Operation 2023, and details about the Total Number of Flights on this page. Pilgrims can check details about the PIA Hajj Flights Schedule, and details about Departure Cities of Pakistan from this page. All Pakistani Pilgrims can also check the details about the procedure How they can check the online PIA Hajj Flights Schedule 2023 from the Flight Inquiry portal on this page? So all citizens of Pakistan who have plans to travel through PIA for Hajj 2023 may visit this page and check online PIA Hajj Flights Schedule 2023 from this page.

PIA Hajj Flights Schedule 2023 Check Online

You can check the Waiting Merit List of Hajj 2023 on this page. The Ministry of Religious Affairs and Interfaith Harmony Pakistan recently released The Hajj Flights Schedule 2023. The government has declared it will ensure that Hajj Scheme 2023 Shaheen airline, Saudi Airlines, and Pakistan International Airlines will comply with their obligation to offer All Hajj Travel.

 Hajj Flights Schedule 2023 from Pakistan to Saudi Arabia

Hajj 2023 will start on the evening of  03 May 2023 and continue until late night of  20 June 2023. According to the initial plan, Hajj will begin in different cities like Karachi, Islamabad, Lahore, Quetta, Multan, Peshawar, and on. The phase will commence on the 3 days of May 2023, and conclude on the 20 day of June 2023.

Like previous phases, this phase will commence on the 2nd day of July on 10 Aug 2023. The last day of the phase would be on 10  August 2023. Hajj has grown to be the most moment for Muslims around the globe. Following a gap of 2 months, Saudi Arabia is now making preparations to welcome pilgrims from all over the globe to take part in the Hajj and will also welcome pilgrims from Pakistan.

PIA Hajj Flights Schedule 2023

If you have completed the Hajj Application form and wish to perform Hajj this year, you should remain on this page. You can check the PIA Hajj Flight Schedule 2023 online as soon as it is announced by the PIA. You must arrive at the airport on time because if you are late, your hajj will not be performed this year. Check online to see when the Ministry of Religious Affairs and the PIA will make the announcement. The Saudi government has released the travel itinerary for Pakistani pilgrims performing Hajj this year. The Saudi government has released the flight schedule for Pakistani pilgrims, revealing that 179,210 pilgrims will depart from Pakistan this year for Saudi Arabia.

When Will Hajj Flights Start 2023 in Pakistan

حکومت پاکستان نے حج فلائٹ شیڈول 2023 کا اعلان کر دیا ہے تمام تفصیلات آن لائن چیک کریں۔ اگر آپ کسی بھی تازہ ترین اپ ڈیٹ یا اس سے زیادہ کے بارے میں آگاہ کرنا چاہتے ہیں تو آپ اس صفحہ پر نیچے دیئے گئے کمنٹ باکس میں بغیر کسی دباؤ یا سنسنی کے لکھ سکتے ہیں۔ پی آئی اے 21 مئی 2023 سے 20 جون 2023 تک حج پروازوں کا آپریشن شروع کرے گی۔ اسلام آباد، لاہور اور کراچی سے پہلی حج پرواز 21 مئی 2023 کو پاکستان سے سعودی عرب کے لیے شیڈول ہے۔ سیالکوٹ، ملتان اور کوئٹہ سے حج 2023 کی پروازیں 22 مئی، 23 اور 24 مئی 2023 کو روانہ ہوں گی۔ عازمین اس صفحہ سے پی آئی اے کی حج پروازوں کا شیڈول دیکھ سکتے ہیں۔

PIA Hajj Flights Schedule 2023 Check Online

PIA Hajj Flight Schedule 2023

PIA Hajj 2023 Tickets Prices in Pakistan

We are providing all information about Pakistan International Airline PIA Hajj 2023 Tickets prices from the main cities of Pakistan to JADDHA Saudi Ariba. Pilgrims can check details from this page. According to the schedule, 32,000 pilgrims will be flown to Saudi Arabia via 106 Hajj flights, with 42 flights operating from Islamabad as part of the Road to Makkah project. Hajj pilgrims traveling under the government scheme can arrive in Saudi Arabia on flights operated by Pakistan International Airlines, Air Blue, and Saudi Air. The following are the flight prices between Pakistan and Saudi Arabia for the month of February.

Islamabad-Jeddah: at least one connecting flight is available every day of the week, with prices beginning at INR 106,366.

Lahore-Jeddah: one direct flight and at least one connecting flight available five days a week, starting at INR 91,610.

First Hajj Flight From Pakistan 2023

According to the spokesperson of the Ministry of Religious Affairs, the first Hajj flight from Islamabad, Lahore, and Karachi is scheduled for 21 May 2023 from Pakistan to Saudi Ariba. Hajj 2023 flights from Sialkot, Multan, and Quetta departure is scheduled for 22 May, 23, and 24 May 2023 accordingly. Pilgrims can check the PIA Hajj Flights schedule from this page.

PIA Hajj Flights Schedule 2023 Check Online Sukkur

According to Umar Butt spokesperson of MRA&IH Hajj flights from Rahim Yar Khan and Sukkur are scheduled on 6 June and 07 June 2023. The last Hajj Flight from Pakistan to Jaddah is scheduled on 20th June 2023. Tickets, Passports, Visas, and Indintifecation Lackets will be provided to Pilgrims 24 hours before the flight. Hajj 2023 Return flight from Jaddha to Pakistan is scheduled on 04 July 2023.

PIA Hajj Flifgts from Various Cities in Pakistan

Pakistan International Airline will start Hajj Flights Operation From 21 May 2023 to 22 June 2023 to Saudia Arabia. PIA Hajj Flights will depart from two regions of Pakistan. According to the PIA Press release Hajj Operation 2023 starts from the North and South regions together.PIA Hajj Ticket Prices from  Lahore, Islamabad, Peshawar, and Multan North region are 910$ to1180$ and from Karachi, Sukkur, Quetta, and Haiderabad South Region are 870# to 1180#. After Hajj PIA will start Hajj Operation from Saudia Ariba to Pakistan on 01 July 2023 and will continue till 10 August 2023.

PIA Hajj Flights Dates

Pakistan International Airline Arrange the Hajj Flights Operation 2023 with the cooperation of the Ministry of Religious Affairs of Pakistan. Through the PIA Hajj Flights, Thousands of Pakistanis will travel to  Sadia Arabia from Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, Peshawar, Multan, Rawalpindi, and Quetta. According to Resources of the Ministry of Religious Affair and Interfaith Harmony’s Hajj Policy 2023, 84000 Pakistani Pilgrims Would perform hajj this year. We are providing all details about PIA Hajj 2023 Flight on this page, Every Pakistani pilgrim can check from here. PIA Hajj Flights operation will start from 21 May 2023 to 22 June 2023.

Hajj Flights 2023 Inquiry Check Online

All Pakistani who have applied for Government Hajj Scheme 2023 and wants to check PIA Hajj Flights Inquiry should visit this page. The Ministry of Religious Affairs and Interfaith Harmony of Pakistan has released the flight operation schedule for Hajj 2023. The schedules and flight status can be viewed through a flight inquiry portal.

Details Check Online
Check PIA Hajj Schedule 2023 Click Here

How to Check PIA Hajj Flights Schedule 2023

  • All Pakistani Pilgrims who want to check PIA Hajj Flight Schedule 2023 may visit the flight inquiry portal at flight.inquiry.hajjinfo.org Or Click Here.
  • On the homepage click on “Flight Schedule (Hajj 2023)”
  • Enter your Computerized National Identity Card Number or Your Application No in a Specific place and click the search button.
  • The system generates your Flight Schedule status.
  • You can check your Flight date, time, and Venue.


Q. When Hajj flights will start in 2023?

A. GACA announced that the arrival phase for Hajj flights into Saudi Arabia will last for 31 days, from 21 May 2023 to 22 June 2023. The departure phase will be from 2 July 2023 to 2 August 2023.

Q. Which airlines fly to Hajj in 2023?

A. Saudia Group has announced plans to allocate 1.2m seats for Hajj 2023 pilgrims. Saudi Airlines, flyadeal, and Saudi Private Aviation will carry pilgrims from all over the world. The integrated plan includes the use of the group’s current fleet of 164 aircraft, with the provision of an additional fleet of 12 aircraft.

Q. How can I check my flight schedule in Pakistan?

A. How do you check the flight status for Pakistan International Airlines? To check the flight status of PIA flights, log on to the website of PIA www.piac.com.pk/pianew/. Click on the Flight Status tab which is on the homepage. Enter the flight number and select the date of departure.

Q. How much is the Hajj package in Pakistan?

A. For Karachi, Quetta, and Sukkur, the Hajj package will cost PKR 1,165,000 without Qurbani. For Islamabad, Lahore, Peshawar, Multan, Rahim Yar Khan, Faisalabad, and Sialkot, the package costs PKR 1,175,000.

Q. How many days is Hajj 2023?

A. The dates for Hajj in 2023 are June 26th-30th, but people generally arrive a week earlier and stay a week afterward.

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