PMS PPSC Roll No Slip 2023 Download by CNIC | Test Dates

From this page, candidates can download PMS PPSC Roll No Slip 2023 by CNIC. PPSC has announced Provincial Management Service Jobs opportunities in February 2023. Candidates who have applied for PMS now download PMS PPSC Roll No Slip 2023 by CNIC from this page.

In this article, we describe information on PMS Exams and details about PMS PPSC Roll No Slip 2023. Candidates can check PMS written exam syllabus and download PMS Roll No Slip 2023 from by CNIC. We have also provided information about PPSC Test centers and a detailed procedure on how you can download PMS Roll No Slip from the PPSC website. So all those candidates who have applied for PPSC Jobs may visit this page and download PMS PPSC Roll No Slip 2023 by CNIC from here.

PMS PPSC Roll No Slip 2023 Download

You can visit the official website of PPSC and then open the Roll No Slip Sections. The written test for PPSC Jobs has been started in the 2nd Weaks of March. Punjab Public Service Commission announced openings in Punjab and thousands of candidates who belong to various towns and villages submitted their applications but they’re now seeking a PPSC the PMS roll no slip 2023 which is on this page.

The total marks for the PMS exam are 1200 marks. To be shortlisted for the PMS exam, candidates must score at least 50%. Candidates must score maximum marks in the PMS. PPSC is a safe system to conduct tests. To verify that the roll number slip has been signed, investigators and monitoring staff will inspect it. Your photograph is included on the PPSC roll numbers slip or admit card. It also contains your father’s name post-title, your roll number, your name, roll number, location, test date, general guidelines, and the time you reported it.

PPSC Roll No Slip 2023

In addition, the exam schedules, including time and venue will be mentioned in the roll number on your slip. Therefore, applicants are able to download their roll slips using their names along with their CNIC numbers. Additionally, there is a possibility that it is reported that the Government of Punjab issued 50 positions across the province by PPSC and, now PPSC will issue a roll no slip to all candidates who applied. Candidates should also need to follow the link below and obtain the roll slip. Additional information regarding PPSC PMS roll No 2023 Provincial management slip can be found below.

PMS Roll No Slip 2023

At present, PPSC will take exams of all applicants and announce the result, however those who pass the test, then wait until the schedule for interviews. Additionally, once the interview schedule is released then the qualified candidates will go through an interview, and the PPSC interview panel will decide whether to let them in for the Job. In the end, PPSC will have completed the process of conducting the exam and interview, they will issue their final lists of candidates who qualify to be considered for the job. Thus, all candidates are required to take the test and, for this reason, download the roll slip. This is the complete information regarding PPSC PMS Roll No Slip 2023 Provincial management services.

Provincial Management Service PMS Exam Slip 2023

PMS Exam 2023 PPSC roll number slip online download by name and CNIC on this. PMS has offered jobs for those who are eligible and competent applicants. Punjab Public Service Commission PPSC has released the details of the Provincial Management Service PMS Exam 2023 the test is written roll number slips that you can download on this site. Provincial Management Service PMS Exam PPSC Roll No Slip Download Online Here. Anyone who is eligible and would like to apply should do so for the Provincial Management Service PMS Exam 2023.

PPSC PMS Test Slip Download

PPSC PMS Slip by CNIC Check here
PPSC Slip by Name Check here
PPSC Result Check here

Punjab Public Service Commission Test Centers

1. PPSC Examination Centre, 68-A, Trade Centre Block, Near Ayub Chowk,
M.A Johar Town, Lahore.
2. FPSC Examination Hall, Mustafa Town, Wahdat Road, Lahore.
3. Divisional Public School, (Boys Campus, Gate No.2), Model Town, Lahore.

1. F.G Public School for Boys, Mahfooz Road, Rawalpindi.
2. F.G Public School for Boys, Peshawar Road, Rawalpindi.
3. Govt. Graduate College for Boys, Siddiqi Chowk, Satellite Town, 6th Road,
4. Govt. Associate College for Women, Dhoke Ellahi Bakhsh, Rawalpindi.

1. University of Education, Bosan Road, Multan.
2. Govt. Emerson University, Bosan Road, Multan

Govt. Post Graduate College, One Unit Chowk, Bahawalpur

D.G Khan
Center of Excellence, Girls High School opposite Ghazi Medical College, Central
Jail Road, Dera Ghazi Khan.


Govt. (Girls) Pilot Secondary School, Sabzi Mandi,
Govt. Associate College of Commerce (Inter Block),


Govt. Graduate College, College Road,
Samanabad, Faisalabad. Govt. Municipal Graduate College, Jaranwala

PPSC PMS Admission Letter 2023

Candidates can then print their application slips, with their name and CNIC number. To allow students to take the exams, the authorities will issue a roll number slip for the PMS/PCS Rolls 2023 after they have registered. Roll number slips are issued to students to inform them about the exam schedule and other details such as the location and time of the examination.

PMS PPSC Roll No Slip 2023 Download by CNIC | Test Dates

PMS PPSC Roll No Slip 2023

PMS PPSC Test Dates 2023

The test PMS has been starting in 2nd week of June.PPSC has released the Provincial Management Service PMS Exam 2023 test roll number slip can be found on this page by clicking the below link. Punjab Public Service Commission PPSC has released the PMS Exam 2023 PPSC Roll No Slip PMS Exam 2023 roll No Slip Exam PMS 2023 Test Dates and Exam Schedule for PMS PPSC Test Dates and PMS Exam 2023 Test Study Guide, PMS Exam Format along with PPSC PMS Exam Results 2023 PMS Exam 2023 PPSC Interview Date is also mentioned in this page.

PMS Jobs Test Roll No Slip by CNIC 2023

This authority received a plethora of applications from across Punjab to fill the Provincial Management Services. Candidates who have been selected for the PMS exam are able to search for on the PPSC the PMS roll number 2023 and verify by CNIC and also the names of candidates. On this website page, you will find details about PMS exam dates, the PPSC PMS exam dates exam and test venue, the location, time, and date as well as the number of applicants who will be taking part in the Provincial Management Services written exam.

PMS Jobs Roll No Slip by Name 2023

PPSC is the authority responsible for conducting the PMS tests for writing as well as interviews and psychological tests for applicants from the KPK province. After this, the most qualified candidates from all provinces are chosen for the post. PPSC PMS Roll Number 2023 on the internet has been uploaded all applicants can get their roll number slips by simply entering their CNIC card nu or applicant name.

پنجاب پبلک سروس کمیشن نے 23 جون 2023 سے پی ایم ایس کے امتحانات کا شیڈول جاری کر دیا ہے۔ جن امیدواروں نے پراونشل مینجمنٹ سروس کی ملازمتوں کے لیے درخواست دی ہے انہیں امتحان دینے کے لیے تیار رہنا چاہیے۔ PPSC PMS اور دیگر مسابقتی امتحانات کی رول نمبر سلپ آن لائن بھیجتا ہے۔ پلانر تک رسائی کے لیے آفیشل ویب سائٹ پر جائیں۔ PMS کی کل اسامیاں خواتین، معذوروں، اقلیتوں اور عام امیدواروں کے لیے 27 ہیں۔ امیدوار اس صفحہ سے CNIC نمبر کے ذریعے PPSC PMS رول نمبر سلپ 2023 ڈاؤن لوڈ کر سکتے ہیں۔

Provincial Management Service Jobs 2023

Punjab Public Service Commission announced the latest vacancies on the 16th of February, 2023 within The Daily Mashriq Newspaper. The eligible candidates that can apply for the following positions include the Assistant PMS ( BPS – 17) as well as Associate Director Local Fund Audit ( BPS 17) as well as Taxation & Taxation Official ( BPS – 17). Candidates must meet the criteria for eligibility to be eligible to apply for these jobs prior to the closing date. The deadline is March 9, 2023.

How to Check PPSC PMS Roll No Slip 2023

  • All candidates who are eligible will also receive the PPSC to roll slip at the receptive home address.
  • The applicants can also download their roll No slip through the portal online.
  • All candidates who are eligible should are required to visit the official site and then enter their CNIC number.
  • All applicants who are eligible are issued the PPSC rolls number slips in advance of the week before the test.
  • Once they have entered the CNIC number, the applicant can access their roll slips with all information, and also you can access your test center online.
  • The applicant is able to select the print option, then press the (ctrl+p) and receive the print from the PPSC Test Roll No Slip.

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  • Lahore Office Information 99202762, 99200162, 99200161
  • Sargodha Office 048 3259710
  • Bahawalpur Office 062 2881182
  • Faisalabad Office 041 9330713
  • Multan Office 061 9330354
  • Rawalpindi Office 051 5158095